5 Amazing Things To Do at Gir Birding Lodge

Gir Birding Lodge is a beautiful eco-lodge in Sasan Gir. It not only borders the Gir National Park, but also has lush, well-wooded grounds, and a beautiful mango orchard which, along with its comfortable rooms, makes for an amazing stay for travelers to Gir.

So what can you expect to do at Gir Birding Lodge? Here’s a list of the top 5 things one can experience on their visit here.

Gir Forest Safari

The Monday morning greeted us with a refreshing coolness, and the sun cast a bright glow all around. Mr. Mohit, in his kindness, had made all the necessary arrangements, considering it was my first safari experience. Our safari adventure was set for the evening, from 3 to 6 PM.

Tribes of Gir Forest

The Gir Forest is home to several tribal communities who have lived there for generations. The main tribes found in the Gir area are the Maldharis, who are a pastoral community who raise cattle and are dependent on the forest for their livelihood, and the Siddis, who are an ethnic group of African descent who have lived in the region for centuries.

My exploration of Saurashtra’s wildlife

Many know Gujarat for its festivals, culture, and even cuisine. I, however, have always been drawn to the wildlife of Gujarat. Not only is this state rich in wildlife, but many of the birds and mammals found here are unique to the region, or at least best seen here. It wasn’t a surprise then, that it took me almost no time at all to plan and book a week-long Gujarat birding tour.

Hiran Nadi Croc Trail

Even though I am a birder at heart, there’s something about crocodiles that has always enchanted me. I really can’t place a finger on it. They just happen to be an animal that I always look out for. Well, it was during my last visit to Gir Birding Lodge, in my opinion, the best birding lodge in the Gir forest. The lodge is an oasis of a place located right next to the entry to the Gir National Park, and my two interests managed to collide perfectly. 

Songs of the Wild

1. At Gir Birding Lodge

gir birding lodge sasan gir

2. A languorous Sunday morning at Gir Birding Lodge. Gentle and Lazy. I had reached the Lodge after catching a connecting flight from Delhi via Mumbai to Diu. From Diu one and a half hours of exhilarating drive to the Lodge at the boundary of Sasan Gir Park.

Top Things to Do in and around Gir National Park to Have a Memorable Holiday

As the only place to witness the huge population of Asiatic lions, Gir National Park has been an attractive destination for a lot of tourists from not only India but from different parts of the world. Located in proximity to Talatar Gir, it is known to have such lions since the year 1965. If you are a crazy wildlife enthusiast and wish to experience the rarest sight of these majestic species, you should definitely visit this place. Apart from that, you can also stay engaged with some of these attractions – 

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