What are the hotels like? Do they have twin beds?

Sharing borders with Gir National Park, Gir Birding Lodge is an authentic ecolodge that aims at making your stay experiential without compromising with the ethos of the forest. The lodge carries both the facilities of twin and double sharing room type catering to the comforts of the guests.

Do we get Room Service?

At Gir Birding Lodge room service is available 24*7 to avoid inconvenience and make your stay hassle-free.

Do we get WiFi?

Because of the proximity with the dense forest, the connectivity of the wifi is loosely available at the lodge (Wifi available at the reception area only)

For the disabled do we have the Ramp & Disabled Friendly rooms?

Yes the lodge is completely accessible to the specially-abled people

Are there amenities such as Swimming Pool, Hair Dryer, Laundry Service?

Amenities such as Laundry Service are available however there is no swimming pool at the lodge

Are the hotels Pet Friendly?

No as it is adjacent to the national park.

Is bottled water supplied in the rooms of the hotels we stay in?

Although we don’t encourage the use of plastic bottles, however, on your demand bottled water will be arranged attached with an extra cost else we even serve r.o filter water on a complimentary basis.

What if we wish to upgrade the hotel or the room, how it'll work?

You can contact Directly at the lodge and they will make sure you get an upgraded room or hotel.

Per night cost for pets?

Per night cost for Pets is not applicable for Gir Birding Lodge.

The unmarried couple are allowed or not in hotel?

Yes the unmarried couple are allowed at Gir Birding Lodge

Dining seating capacity?

The dining area carries a capacity of more than fifty people.

Kids activities, indoor activities?

At Gir Birding Lodge we have a playground for children along with indoor games facilities available for the guests.

Can we use kitchen for infant?

Yes we can use the kitchen for infant as well.

Is early check-in and late checkout is chargeable?

Yes, early check-in and late check-out is chargeable and subject to availability.



What sort of food do we get in the hotels?

Traditional Indian Veg and Non-Veg Meals will be served while maintaining a very moderate level of spices and chilly so that anyone from across the globe can savor the food.

If we have dietary restrictions, what do we do? Can we ask for specific type of meals?

In case of dietary restrictions, you can intimate our lodge in advance before the check-in. Also if you have any special food preferences then you can let us know well in advance so that it can be arranged as per your choice

What about drinks and bottled water?

Although we don’t encourage the use of plastic bottles, however, on your demand bottled water will be arranged attached with an extra cost.

Do you serve liquor?

No, we don’t we serve liquor at the lodge

Restaurant timings?

Morning breakfast 7.00 to 10.00 a.m Lunch 1.00 pm to 2.30 p.m last. Dinner – 7.30 p.m to 9.30 p.m


Road Transport

Will the guide and driver speak English?

Yes, our drivers and guides can communicate in English and will ensure you have a hassle-free jungle safari

What about the train journeys and the safety?

Indian Railways have the reputation of being the largest and safest railway network in the world. Veraval and Junagadh are the nearest railway stations to reach Sasan Gir

Will the bus or the car have Seat Belts?

Yes, our cars possess seat belts ensuring your safety during the journey

How many people to a vehicle?

It depends on the vehicle’s size. A large vehicle can accommodate around eighteen people whereas a small vehicle can accommodate five people

On a private tour our vehicle will be independent or shared?

You will be provided an independent vehicle for a private tour that is not shared with any other guest

What about his Hygiene, Route knowledge?

The driver is well-attired and follows cleanliness rules. He possesses an in-depth route knowledge that will make your journey hassle-free

Can he arrange a Wheelchair, if needed?

You have to intimate us in advance so that we can arrange a wheelchair.

Is bottled water supplied in the vehicles we travel in?

Although we don’t encourage plastic bottles to promote the cause of low carbon footprint, however on demand it will be arranged attached with an extra cost

What is the travel time from Railway Station to Resort?

It takes approximately one and a half hour from the railway station to reach Gir Birding Lodge.

Local transport is available near the resort?

As for gir there is no local transport near the resort, but if you wish to go somewhere nearby then you can contact the front desk, they will arrange an auto with the extra cost.


What about the train journeys and the safety?

Indian Railways has the reputation of being the world’s most secure transport and the journey will take you through the scenic villages of Gujarat.

Will someone make us sit in the train and also meet us upon arrival?

Yes, one of our representatives will make sure that you're being seated on the train and will meet you upon your arrival.

What happens if the train gets cancelled?

In that case, we will try to make some adjustments with the co-passengers else you have to be seated as per the seat allotted to you.

What happens if the train gets delayed?

We will look for other alternatives such as booking another train or flight or continuing the journey by road.



Will someone drop us to the right terminal and also meet us upon arrival?

Yes, one of our representatives will be responsible to transfer you to the hotel and make sure you are at the right terminal at the time of departure.

What happens if the flight gets cancelled?

You can look for alternative options such as booking another flight or continuing the journey via road.

What happens if the flight gets delayed?

You must wait if the flight gets delayed. Our representative will be with you ensuring that you have done safe and secure boarding.

What is the luggage policy, weight and limits?

Domestic flights allow up to 15 kilos of luggage along with 7 kilos extra for hand baggage. Whereas in International Flights luggage weight limit varies from 15 kilos to 30 kilos.

What is the travel time from Airport to Gir Birding Lodge?

It takes approximately two and a half an hours drive from Keshod Airport to reach Gir Birding Lodge no flight from Keshod.



Do we have a guide throughout?

Yes, at Gir Birding Lodge we have an in-house naturalist who carries in-depth knowledge about the unique wildlife harbouring in the forest.

How knowledgeable is our guide?

Our naturalist has more than ten years of experience in the field of wildlife and jungle safaris and they are updated with the current roosting points of all the mammals, birds and reptiles dwelling in the region.

Do we need to pay for his meals and stay?

You do not have to pay a single penny to the guide, their meals and stay has been included in the tour cost.

What if his demeanour is not acceptable?

You can inform the lodge and we will ensure the behaviour doesn’t repeat again.

Will he carry guide books, binoculars, scope etc.

Yes, the guide will be carrying a guide book, binocular and scope during the safari and birding trails.

Safaris & Sightseeing

On a private tour our safari vehicle will be independent or shared?

On a private tour your safari vehicle will be independent.

How do we sort out permits, entry fee and camera fee?

For permits you have to check online in advance, and for the entry carry your permits , id proof go to the forest department reception which is 5 mins away from our resort, there you will need to book gypsy for the entry with the cost of gypsy = 2100/-, Guide charge = 400 and for the camera fee you have to pay directly at the forest department reception as per the camera, Camera fee for Indian = 200/-, per camera for a day. Camera fee for foreigner = 1400/-, per camera for a day.

What if we want extra safaris or rides?

For extras safaris you have to check online, as there is no current permit issue.

If we want to visit some other sites that are not on the itinerary, what do we do?

You can get the information from the front desk.

Do we get tea/coffee before going for a morning safari?

Yes, the resort have a tea kettle set up in each room, but if you wish to take it from the kitchen then please give pre-information to the front desk.

Can I go for night safari?

Night safari it's not allowed as per the forest department rules,

Is outside birding guide allowed inside the park?

Yes, outside guides are allowed to go inside the park if their names are in the permit.


Can we leave our valuables in the vehicle with the driver while going for safari or sightseeing or any other activity?

Yes you can keep your valuables in vehicles while going for safari or sightseeing

Can we leave our valuables in the vehicle with the driver while going for safari or sightseeing or any other activity?

Our team has traveled extensively to all of our destinations and we know them inside and out. We’re here to give you all the advice you need before you head off on your travels. We also offer a variety of travel styles so we’re bound to have a trip style that suits perfectly.


Safety & Comfort

What about using or hiring Wheelchairs, walking sticks?

You have to intimate us before check-in at the lodge so that we can make the arrangements for wheelchairs and walking sticks.

What if I break or lose my Binoculars, camera or any gadget that I need for my tour?

Although the guide will carry an extra pair of Binoculars, camera, batteries, and charges which you can also be used in case your gadgets are broken. However, we are not responsible for the loss of your item, but, if these items are attached with insurance you can make the claim.

Which is the best cell phone network in that area?

According to the resort area jio, idea, and airtel are working properly.


Payment options

What are the hidden or unexpected costs besides what has been paid to your company as the tour cost?

There is no hidden cost.

Is there a surcharge if we pay by credit card?

Yes, there is a surcharge of five percent for each credit card transaction.

Should we wish to upgrade the tour standard, how do we go about it?

You can contact the agents to upgrade the tour standard.

The cost for the extras are covered? If not, how do we pay?

You can contact your agent or pay directly at the lodge for the extras

Do the lodge take credit cards?

At Gir Birding Lodge, you can pay through Paytm or online transfer.

If we opt for triple or quadruple accommodation, is this possible? Will this bring the cost of the tour down?

Yes certainly we can arrange for triple or quadruple arrangement as per your requirement.

How does the cancellation policy work?

Less than 15 days before arrival date- No Refund
Less than 20 days before arrival date- 60% Refundbr> Less than 25 days before arrival date- 75% Refundbr> No Refund in case of road blocks, accidents, snow fall, no show etc. 50% of the total refundable amount (as per the above policy) will be released within 30 days of cancellation and the balance 50% will be adjusted into the future bookings.

What if there is a calamity in the family? How will the refund work?

We have a no-refund policy, but in the case of a calamity in the family we shall issue a credit note which will be valid for another three months

Do you have paytm / online payment link?