Conservation Measures

Did you know many people don’t even know that an animal like the pangolin, or scaly anteater, even exists?
And that this docile animal, which is active mostly at night, and has little in terms of a defense mechanism, is highly threatened and in real danger of extinction?
This lack of awareness among people is one of the key reasons we wish to take the cause of pangolin conservation forward!

But what would we gain by saving pangolins? Well, one adult pangolin can consume about 7 crores (70 million) insects in a year!
Imagine how a healthy population of pangolins can help control insect populations!
And what would happen if there were no pangolins to help control them?
Wouldn’t these insects eventually increase damage to food crops, affecting local farmers, and many others dependent on them and their products?

Status of Indian Pangolin

Help us help these amazing creatures. You can:

  • Keep a lookout for pangolins on your next safari or nature trail
  • Talk to guides and officials, and learn more about this enigmatic creature
  • Promote wildlife visits that are not big cat-centric
  • Create awareness among others using your social media content
  • Report any instances of wildlife trade, however small, that you come across
  • And much‌ more!

We would love to have YOU as our helping hand in this mission. If you wish to help us in any way possible, get in touch with our team!

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