Know Where You Are Headed

1. The lodge is oriented to cater to wildlife lovers, bird watchers, nature photographers, researchers, and meditators. This place is ideal for those who are looking for great wildlife & natural history experience, a quiet, relaxed, peaceful getaway or you wish to meditate.

2. We would be thrilled to entertain general tourists but we have limitations with luxurious rooms, a natty dining hall, 100% power backup through diesel generators, and a large choice of food on the menu. Kindly read on.

3. Our rooms are all very well equipped and are large. All items have been carefully chosen and used in rooms such as mattresses, duvets, clean linen, pillows, and mats. These are not luxurious but give you the comfort of any standard hotel. All rooms and cottages are air-conditioned. Hot air blower heaters are provided in winter on request. There are no televisions in the rooms. Please let us know if there is anything else you require such as hot water bags, extra blankets, or pillows. We change your towels daily, but if you feel they do not need replacing, please leave them hanging on your towel rack. We try to use as little water and soap as possible.

4. The toilets are equipped with hot & cold running water & showers. We also use solar-generated hot water in the rooms. All toilet amenities such as fresh towels, and soaps. are provided of standard quality. To get hot water from your tap/shower, please turn the tap to the left and leave the water running for a short while (preferably in the bucket, for reuse). When the hot water starts, adjust it to suit your temperature.

5. In the event of electricity failure, the fans and lights will run on generator power. The chances of power cuts are very low. The power supply is 220V. The plug size is Standard English. As our focus is on developing a nature-centric experience at the lodge, we do not have electricity generators that cause sound and atmospheric pollution.

6. We do not have an intercom facility in the rooms. There isn’t any room service in the lodge. Should you require anything urgently you may call the hotel staff from your mobile phone. The numbers can be given to you upon your arrival. The rooms, cottages and the dining room aren’t very far apart.

7. If you are not going for a safari, our in-house naturalist will be happy to take you bird watching and on a nature trail to showcase the various elements of nature that Gir offers. There are set timings when the walks are conducted every morning and evening.

8. Please pre-book your safaris either with us or directly with the park. The safaris are in great demand and may get booked up. You will pay for the safari ticket, the 4WD vehicle and the fee for the park guide.

9. It can sometimes be chilly outdoors at night in winter, so do dress warmly.

10. The smaller mammals, wild animals & birds occasionally enter and pass through the lodge. I request guests not to walk alone at night, Members of our staff will be happy to accompany guests back to their cottages. Please do not walk barefoot anywhere, not even inside your cottages. If there are unwanted guests in your cottages (spiders, insects, geckos, etc.) Please alert our staff who will remove them. Macaques and Langurs visit the lodge too. Please ensure that you keep eatables away from them.

11. If there are wild animals in the surroundings, the village dogs may bark at night causing disturbed sleep.

12. We do not have an in-house laundry. We send it out to a nearby facility in the village hence we cannot take responsibility for them. If you would like your clothes laundered, please place the items in the bag and they will be laundered within 24 hours. Please note that laundry charges are extra.

13. We advise you to be careful with your valuables. If there is something you would like to keep safe, our manager will be happy to assist you.

14. Gir does not have a bank to change foreign currency. The nearest ATM is in Sasan, 2 km from the lodge. Please contact our manager for any assistance.

15. Talala is the closest town that has a hospital. If you have any medical conditions that we need to be aware of, please inform our manager. We do not have doctors on call.

16. If you’d like to leave a tip for our staff at the end of your stay, please do not tip any of our staff individually. Many unseen hands work hard to make your stay comfortable, and we strive to divide tips among the entire staff. Please leave tips in the Tip Box.

17. Check–out time is 10.00 am and Check-in time is 12.00 pm.

18. We do not have the facility to charge credit cards at the lodge. We recommend that you carry enough spare cash to pay for hotel taxes and any extra expenses that you may incur.

19. The lodge is oriented to cater to wildlife lovers, bird watchers, nature photographers, researchers, and meditators. This place is ideal for those who are looking for a great wildlife experience, a quiet, relaxed, peaceful getaway or you wish to meditate.

20. We serve home-cooked Indian food, with spice and chilly levels kept moderate. If you still find the food too hot for your taste, do let our chef know. Please inform us if you have any special dietary requirements. Breakfast is served between 7 and 10 am, depending on the timing of the morning safari. Lunch is usually a vegetarian meal served between 1 and 2.30 pm, just before the afternoon safari. Dinner is served from 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm. All beverages are chargeable. If you require a packed meal at your departure, please let us know in advance.

21. We are happy to set up free cooking lessons. If guests are interested in knowing how a particular dish they liked is made, we can arrange for them to learn from our cooks. Our staff will be happy to learn something from you if you would like to teach them.

22. Outdoor Dining: As the name suggests, this dining area gives you the feeling of eating out in the wilderness. You can choose to have a private, intimate meal. A favorite dinner spot is our candlelit terrace – a special place for a tranquil dinner and stargazing.You will have to do a prior booking for this special venue.

23. We serve filtered RO (Reverse Osmosis) processed water safe to drink. Please let us know if you prefer bottled water at all times which are charged for.

24. An internet connection is available for guests in our office area. It might be erratic sometimes.

25. The in-house safari shop has a selection of craft from across India, wildlife art and photographs are also on sale, for those with a deep interest in the art we can organize a private sitting with artists & artisans from the area.

26. Situated in the Kothi, our library has a collection of books, wildlife, and tribal photographs.

27. There is a play area for children to play under the supervision of parents.