Local Traditions

The manager at the lodge arranges cultural experiences.

  1. Walkthrough a Maldhari village for an experience of lifestyle
  2. Meet the local people
  3. Visit and dine at the local village home
  4. Experience a day in the life of a village woman: milking cows, hand-grinding spices, various fascinating everyday chores
  5. Attend a reforestation project.

Gir Packages

  1. Gujarat Wildlife and Culture Trip 3N/D
  2. Wildlife And Heritage of Gujarat 4N/5D
  3. Temple and Wildlife Tour 4N/5D
  4. Great Saurashtra Triangle Tour 5N/6D
  5. Nawab, Lions and Lord Krishna of Gujarat 6N/7D
  6. Jewels of Rural Gujarat 9N/10D
  7. Gujarat Handicrafts & Textile Tours 9N/10D