Why is Gir Birding Lodge more than just a lodge?

  • Gir Birding Lodge was set up as the first birding lodge of Gujarat by Asian Adventures to promote the concept of nature and bird conservation and help develop a love and respect for nature through wholesome and meaningful experiences.
  • Gir Birding Lodge not only provides you with delicious food and spectacular service, but it is also a great nature-filled experience. Don’t forget your bird books, binoculars, and camera (if you’re a photographer) when you visit us!
  • Wildlife tourism is not just about safaris, but about many dimensions, such as watching birds in our tree-filled grounds, and developing an appreciation and love for all aspects of nature.
  • Learn to appreciate the beautiful world of birds all around you. Don’t just watch the birds that visit us, but observe them, learn about them, and find joy in their graceful lives.
  • With our goal towards sustainability and responsible management practices, we aim to provide a holiday experience that is low on impact but big on experiences - such as BIRDWATCHING!
  • We are reducing our dependence on various fossil fuels, plastics, and more to reduce our impact, while working towards various ways of giving back to nature as well, without compromising on our service and the experiences we provide to our guests.
  • We aim to convert tourists into ‘ecotourists’! Don’t just look at the rich wildlife of Gir, but go deeper into it, and appreciate the intricacies of the ecosystem, its people, its culture, and a lot more.

How you can help:

  • We hope you take these rich experiences back with you and use them as experiences to help nature in your own way. Help save the organic farms, beautiful trees, and other life forms that help sustain birds.
  • We are losing wetlands, which are important stopovers and feeding grounds for migratory waterfowl. Help save these by reducing your impact on natural water sources, and educating others.
  • Join us for our nature and conservation-oriented events and webinars. Ask our team how you can stay informed of our happenings.