Pangolin Conservation in Gir

Seeing the amazing response from the participants of yesterday’s webinar on Indian Pangolin conservation in Gir National Park was really an amazing feeling. Our Asian Adventures ecotourism team and the team at Gir Birding Lodge are both gearing up to take this cause forward. Our team is working on many different ways of spreading awareness across local communities, experts, other lodges, and travelers looking for their next wildlife safari in Gir forest, hoping we can make even a small difference at every possible level.


Gir Birding Lodge

#Gir_Birding_Lodge is the perfect place to explore nature. With comfortable accommodation, delicious food, and warm friendly staff, we guarantee that your stay here will be unforgettable. Proximity to the #Gir_Lion Reserve and hassle-free safari bookings ensure that you can explore the domain of the lion to your heart’s content, while plenty of greenery in our grounds and amazing wild visitors means that you can get your fill of #birdwatching and nature even within our walls.

Our Favourite Guests At Gir Birding Lodge Sasan Gir

These super cute #Spotted_Owlets were spotted inside #Gir_Birding_Lodge, finding a peaceful roosting site in one of the many trees on our grounds. Our well-wooded campus attracts many amazing birds like these Spotted Owlets, including #Indian_Scops_Owl, #Black_rumped_Flameback, Tawny bellied Babbler and many many more! Gir Birding Lodge is truly a mecca for bird lovers!