Gir Picnics

There is nothing like a picnic lunch under a tree by the rivulet. Having grown up in the area, our staff knows the undiscovered spots with the best rocks. Make paper boats or simply watch the small fish swim around. For the more adventurous, wash your feet in the cool water.


Take an early morning walk to the Riverside for some birding and a picnic. The entire excursion will take about 3-4 hours.

Our Gir corporate trip

In my last job, one of my duties was to organize corporate offsite events, whether they were team-building exercises or just office get-togethers. After asking around, Gir Birding Lodge came highly recommended so I organized our first team outing there. To be quite honest, I was not very confident about the location, as it seemed to be a wildlife-centric place with its name and location in Gir National Park. However, before I had formally booked our outing, I had the pleasure of speaking with the owner of the Resort - Mr. Mohit Aggarwal, who seemed extremely professional, and assured me that whatever I was looking for would be taken care of. it
Our company did not have a traditional team structure, and some teams consisted of people from different qualification backgrounds. The downside to this was that the people in these teams didn’t get along and this affected their end result. To be frank, this was the reason for this outing.
True to Mr. Aggarwal’s word, we were extremely well taken care of. The service was great, their team was well-trained, and, of course, the place was beautiful. The food at the restaurant was amazing! Delicious, but never too spicy or too oily. Just right! 

Needless to say, the people who, a few days back wouldn’t get along, were great colleagues from then on.

A few of us even stayed back for a few days to catch a safari and a riverside nature trail, despite that wildlife was never one of our interests, and the nature-filled lodge was so calming and peaceful that we never wanted to leave at all!

Gir Packages

  1. A Short Gir Forest Tour 2N/3D
  2. Gir National Park 3N/4D
  3. Nawab, Lions and Lord Krishna of Gujarat 6N/7D
  4. Gujarat Handicrafts & Textile Tours 9N/10D