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The dry deciduous forests of Gir are the perfect habitat for many rare bird species. Asian Adventures‘ birding experts will be happy to initiate you into the world of bird watching. If you are already into birding, he would be an interesting source of information on species-specific to this region. You can also choose to explore the beautiful forests at your own pace, maybe carry a picnic hamper for a longer trek and make the most of the natural beauty around you.

Do ask the manager or while making a reservation to pre-book your guided birding, bird photography or nature walk. This may cost extra.

Birds Of Gir Forest

Some common birds seen in Gir National Park are the Yellow-crowned Woodpecker, Mottled Wood-Owl, Painted Sandgrouse, Indian Paradise-Flycatcher, Tawny-bellied Babbler, Tickell's Blue Flycatcher, Indian Vulture (Indian Long-billed Vulture), Short-toed Snake-Eagle, Brown Fish-Owl, Sirkeer Malkoha.

Gir National Park is home to a wide variety of wildlife species. Visitors can spot Asiatic lions, leopards, striped hyenas, jackals, jungle cats, and more than 200 species of birds. Some of the more commonly seen animals include chitals, sambar deer, nilgai, and four-horned antelopes. Tourists can also witness the park’s diverse flora and fauna, which include more than 300 species of plants, trees, shrubs, and medicinal herbs. The park also provides opportunities for nature walking, bird watching, and safari tours.

Like Salim Ali once said, if Gir did not have Lions it would have been one of the finest bird parks in India. Apart from being home to the Asiatic Lion, Gir National Park is also a delight for birdwatchers. The area hosts a variety of habitats, including forest, grassland, cliffs, and ponds, which play home to a wide variety of bird species both resident and migratory. Around 350 bird species are found here, including birds of prey, vultures, owls, nightjars, ducks, kingfishers, herons, egrets, storks, minivets, flycatchers, and many others. Sarus cranes visit the reserve for breeding during the monsoon and may be seen up to November.

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Gir Packages

  1. Bhuj Extension Tour For Special Birds 5N6D
  2. Gujarat Birding Tour 7N8D