Gir National Park Video

Activities at Gir Birding Lodge

  • The national park is right across the wall. You may hear calls of wild animals or glimpse a few wild visitors. Keep your camera ready for nature photography and binoculars for sighting them.
  • Go for birdwatching and nature watch with our guide. Good for crocodiles, birds, and small mammals. Go for nocturnal birding for owls and nightjars.
  • Book your safaris to track lions and other wildlife in advance to avoid last-minute disappointment. The dry deciduous forests are stunning.
  • Go for short jungle drives to Devaliya. Ask us for the booking procedure.
  • Engage in local farming with our farmer, understand how the crops are grown.
  • Go to the nearby Shiva temple to experience the divinity
  • Opt for a train ride to Sattadhar through the jungle.
  • Learn to cook Gujarati dishes with our cook. We are happy to serve you local cuisine.
  • There are many swings for children in the play area. Or ask us for board games or play badminton, throwball, or play marbles.
  • Join our Yoga Retreats or use the quiet corners for meditation and yoga.
  • Arrange your eco-friendly corporate meets, offsites, and conferences.
  • Enjoy secluded meals in the fruit orchard.
  • You’ll get a stunning sunset from the terrace in the evenings.
  • Visit the nesses of Maldharis and the village of Siddhis will give you a tremendous insight into their lifestyle.
  • Make excursions to Sasan market, Somnath Temple, Girnar Ropeway, Junagadh monuments, and Shakkarbaug Zoo. Also, you can go for a nature safari in the surrounding forest of Junagadh.
  • The rooms are spacious and airy with balconies - ideal for workcations & long stays
  • Ask us for a bespoke tour. It’ll be designed just the way you want with our expert guides.

Jeep Safaris

Safaris into the jungle are conducted by park guides in open 4WD. The duration of the safari is approximately three hours and is conducted early morning (06.00 hr., 09.00 hr.) or in the afternoon (15.00–18.00hr.). The duration of each safari is approx. 03 hrs. Each jeep is allowed to seat a maximum of 6 persons. Besides the visitors, the jeep has an expert driver and a park guide.

Walks and Treks

The dry deciduous forests are the perfect habitat for many rare bird species. Asian Adventures‘ birding experts will be happy to start you in the world of bird watching. If you are already into birding, he would be an interesting source of information on species specific to this region. You can also explore the beautiful forests at your own pace, maybe carry a picnic hamper for a longer trek and make the most of the natural beauty around you.

Village Experience

The manager at the lodge can arrange a visit to the nearby village for you to have a taste of the local lifestyle. This can be fully guided if you like.

You can take a walk around the local villages, admiring the traditional old houses with wooden doors and windows. Watch how time has stood still in some places and modernity has engulfed some others.

Engage with local people and see how they conduct daily chores in their lives. Understand the traditional values that they live with.

Temple Visit

Somnath Temple

The legend is that the Somnath temple was built in gold by the moon god Soma, in silver by the sun god Ravi, in wood by Krishna, and in stone by the Solanki Rajputs in the 11th century. It is one of the most powerful Shiva temples, one of the twelve Jyotirlingas.

This is 40 km from Gir and it takes an hour to get there. A visit to the temple can be incorporated into your itinerary.

The present temple was re-built in 1951, the seventh reconstruction. Many invaders ravaged its riches but each time the temple was restored by the worshipers.

The temple has imposing architecture with intricate carvings, silver doors, a huge Nandi idol, and the central lingam.

The top of the temple is like a conch shell and on its side, and in the tower is an arrow pointing directly to the south pole. Interestingly, if one draws a line between here and the south pole, there is no land until Antarctica.

The Kartik Purnima Fair is held here for four days according to the Hindu calendar and attracts devotees in large numbers.


Nothing like picnic lunch under the tree by the rivulet. From having grown up in the area, our staff knows the undiscovered spots with the best rocks. Make paper boats or simply watch the small fish swim around. For the more adventurous, wash your feet in the cool water.


Early morning drive up to the beautiful Lake for some birding and picnic. The entire excursion will take about 3-4 hours.


Reptiles of Gir Forest

Gir has a large population of reptiles. It is one of the best places for herpetofauna.

Should you wish we could organize a tour focusing on the ‘Reptiles of Gir’ for you

Here is the list:

  1. Marsh Mugger Crocodile
  2. Indian Star Tortoise
  3. Indian Flap shell Turtle
  4. Brook House Gecko
  5. Yellow-green House Gecko
  6. Termite Hill Gecko
  7. Spotted Ground Gecko
  8. Indian Garden Lizard
  9. Fan Throated Lizard
  10. Indian Chameleon
  11. Spotted Supple skink
  12. Keeled Grass Skink
  13. Bronz Back Grass Skink
  14. Bengal Monitor
  15. Brahminy Worm Snake
  16. Common Sand Boa
  17. Red Sand Boa
  18. Indian Rock Python
  19. Common Vine Snake
  20. Brown Vine Snake
  21. Buff Striped Keelback
  22. Common Cat Snake
  23. Common Bronze Back Tree Snake
  24. Indian Trinket Snake
  25. Common Wolf Snake
  26. Banded Kukri Snake
  27. Streaked Kukri Snake
  28. Rat Snake
  29. Banded Racer
  30. Dumeril’s Black-headed Snake
  31. Chequered Keelback Water Snake
  32. Common Indian Krait
  33. Slender Coral Snake
  34. Spectacled Cobra
  35. Russell’s Viper
  36. Indian Saw-scaled Viper