Gir Birding Lodge: Welcome to wildlife and wellness

How often have you gone looking for wildlife and came back with a better you?
At Gir Birding Lodge everything is designed to help you explore animals, birds, nature and yourself.
The property is a result of efforts that have turned a patch of barren land into a green, hospitable spot frequented by both human visitors and the residents of the Lion Haven of India, which shares its boundary with the place.
Whether you want to go Lion and wildlife drives in the Gir forests or simply want to spend time taking photos of the variety of birds, we have resident naturalists, who can help you find the right hides for shooting or ensure that you do spot lions. You will be glad to know these naturalists spend a lot time following various species on a weekly basis.
Unlike a lot of other places, Gir Birding lodge also offers Hata Yoga & wellness programs, to help you spend a little quality time and effort on yourself for a better body and mind. This is complemented by fresh and healthy home-made Indian food. And the in-house natural history library provides enough food for thought.
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What our guests have to say

  • What our guests have to say

    What our guests have to say

    As you may remember that a few days ago I had booked a room online for my visit to Gir. I had a successful visit to Gir and enjoyed my stay at your resort as well. I have sent this mail so as to personally thank you for the care taken of me and my family at the resort. You have a very cooperative and efficient staff. Many of my friends and relatives are planning to go to Gir I would definitely recommend them for a stay at Gir Birding Lodge and even I would stay at Gir birding lodge in my future visits. I also came to know that you have resorts at other places also in India. I have taken pamphlets from Gir birding lodge for the same however, it would be very nice if you would mail me a list of same so that I continue to get similar services elsewhere as well.

    Kamlesh Kohli,