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The legend is that Somnath temple was built in gold by the moon god Soma, in silver by the sun god Ravi, in wood by Krishna and in stone by the Solanki Rajputs in the 11th century. It is one of the most powerful Shiva temples, one of the twelve Jyotirlingas.

This is 40 km from Gir and it takes an hour to get there. A visit to the temple can be incorporated in your itinerary.

The present temple was re-built in 1951, the seventh reconstruction. Many invaders ravaged its riches but each time the temple restored by the worshipers.
The temple has imposing architecture with intricate carvings, silver doors, an huge Nandi idol and the central lingam.
The top of the temple is like a conch shell and on its side, and in the tower is an arrow pointing directly to the south pole. Interestingly, if one draws a line between here and the south pole, there is no land until Antarctica.

The Kartik Purnima Fair is held here for four days according to the Hindu calendar, and attracts devotees in large numbers.


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