Gir Birding Lodge - An Eco Lodge designed to help you with your quest for Natural History of Gir.


Gir has a large population of reptiles. It is one of the best places for herpetofauna.

Should you wish we could organise a tour focusing on the ‘Reptiles of Gir’ for you

Here is the list:

Marsh Mugger Crocodile
Indian Star Tortoise
Indian Flapshell Turtle
Brook House Gecko
Yellow-green House Gecko
Termite Hill Gecko
Spotted Ground Gecko
Indian Garden Lizard
Fan Throated Lizard
Indian Chameleon
Spotted Supple skink
Keeled Grass Skink
Bronz Back Grass Skink
Bengal Monitor
Brahminy Worm Snake
Common Sand Boa
Red Sand Boa
Indian Rock Python
Common Vine Snake
Brown Vine Snake
Buff Striped Keelback
Common Cat Snake
Common Bronze Back Tree Snake
Indian Trinket Snake
Common Wolf Snake
Banded Kukri Snake
Streaked Kukri Snake
Rat Snake
Banded Racer
Dumeril’s Black-headed Snake
Chequered Keelback Water Snake
Common Indian Krait
Slender Coral Snake
Spectacled Cobra
Russell’s Viper
Indian Saw-scaled Viper


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