Gir Birding Lodge - An Eco Lodge designed to help you with your quest for Natural History of Gir.


Sensitizing through Retreats

Fundamentally “wellbeing” means being in perfect harmony with the existence, be it inside or outside. In the hurly burly routine of the city life, we have just been capable of earning dormancy of life, by keeping the real essence of life as secondary. We have seen people working day in and out by completely forgetting themselves and then looking forward to a weekend holiday like that’s the only time they have to go on finding themselves. In such a way, work has become like an imprisonment, nothing more, by keeping our daily conquests prior to ourselves.

We have distanced ourselves not just from ourselves but also from the existence around to a point where stress and disease are natural outcomes. We have forgotten ourselves to such a point that to pay attention to this piece of life that we are has not remained as a possibility. Moreover, we have also secluded ourselves from the nature, and existence around in such a way that our attention doesn’t even go to the glorious sunrise. Our sensitivity towards nature has tumbled down to a very big extent. Once I asked someone that is he aware of the breath, he answered “he thinks that he breathe’’. This is peculiarly funny. This is to an extent we are unaware of life, unaware of us. We have taken our very breath for granted.

We have come across the philosophy as EVOLUTION YOGA RETREATS to nurture the innate longing in a human to pay attention to himself and bridging the gap between the man and existence around by stoking up the hidden oneness by homing the retreats in the Nature’s cradle at Gir Birding Lodge, Sasan Gir (Gujarat), Van Serai, Jageshwar (Uttarakhand) and at Monsoon Forest, Bandhavgarh (Madhya Pradesh).



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