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My mother and I are very fascinated by nature & wildlife, so whenever the appropriate time comes, we don’t fail using it to explore national parks or wildlife sanctuaries.  After many exciting & successful tiger tours, this was my first trip to the land of Asiatic Lions. We took off from Bombay landed at Diu Airport and made our way on the road to Sasan Gir.  One thing that I have learned from my long travel experience is that one should never have any expectations while traveling because there are always surprises which get revealed any point in time. We finally reached our resort

Gir Birding Lodge. As we were making way to the room, I saw some people gathered at a particular point, when I asked a hotel boy what was happening he said that a lion crossed the fence and entered the cottage. He further added that because the resort shares its boundary with

Gir National Park this kind of incidents were very common. This occurrence created an adrenaline rush in me, and I couldn’t wait for the first Gir forest excursion. We woke at 6 a.m. did a little tour of the resort and got ready for the morning Gir jungle safari. We sighted herds of Sambhar and spotted deer, and as we penetrated the forest, I could sight jungle cat, caracal camouflaged in the high grassland & many exotic birds near the lake. We had taken jeep safaris on the row so, by the time we reached the resort, it was little dark. One unique sighting was the Sykes’ Nightjar which is frequently sighted near the resort. Comes out at night, but it gets blind and remains still on the ground for a while if a beam of light crosses its eyes.

As we had taken 3 Days & 2 Night Gir Tour Package Today was our second & last day, and it was probably our last chance to spot Asiatic Lion.  We commenced our morning safari at 9 A.M not knowing whether we will encounter any Asiatic Lion or not but enjoying the sights of all other mammals and birds. By the way, the forest is full of Indian Civet, golden jackal, striped hyena, owls, and reptiles.  As I was clicking the image of one handsome Brown fish owl, who was standing inside the tree bark the jeep abruptly stopped with a small jerk and voila! There was my felon relaxing right in the middle of the road. My eyes transfixed at the lion observing his every moment as if creating a permanent memory that can never get expunged from my mind. My trip to Gir was an eventful one not because I saw the Asiatic Lion but the environment & the atmosphere of the forest was refreshing and adorable.


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