Gir Birding Lodge - An Eco Lodge designed to help you with your quest for Natural History of Gir.


Gir Birding Lodge Promoters

Mohit Aggarwal of Asian Adventures manages the establishment. He remains incessantly involved in bringing uniqueness and newness to the establishment. He firmly believes in and works tirelessly on two core concepts i.e. conservation and wellness. Many travellers have come to the establishment not only to get closer to nature and enjoy jungle safaris but to get introduced to the wellness aspect.

Naveen Modha of Tacon Infrastructure has partnered to take the concept forward. He acquired a barren piece of land two decades ago and planted a Mango Orchard interspersed with many other species. The land is now a haven for a large number of species of Avifauna. The mammals such as Lions, Leopards and other ungulates criss-cross the property all the time.


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